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When will my order ship?
Most orders ship within 48 hours or placing your order.
What shipping method is used to ship orders?
Fedex with Tracking number provided you live in Canada and/or United States. We may sometimes use alternate shipping methods to delivery your package depending on your shipping address and/or other factors that could potentially delay in transit times to your location
When will my order arrive?
Most orders arrive in 2-4 business days from the date the order was shipped.
How much is shipping?
Shipping is based on weight. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout. As a guideline shipping starts at $5.00 and can vary by weight and location
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, worldwide shipping is available, email us directly for more information if you live outside North America. Note that for all countries other than Canada and USA, certain items may not be contained in their original packaging to reduce weight and shipping costs. Note that customs duty and taxes may be applied to your package upon arrival to the destination country. Majority of our shipments do not have duty and taxes added to them, however we cannot guarantee that this will be the case for every package/shipment.
What is your return policy?
If an item is defective, we will replace it as long as there is not physical damage. Shipping charges are non-refundable and customer is responsible for shipping item back. Product(s) must be returned in original packaging.
What is your guarantee against defects?
For assistance or to exchange a defective product please contact us and we will provide you the necessary information on getting your product exchanged. Most products come with the standard 3 month garantee and may also have an extended garantee directly with the manufacturer as well. We reserve the right to refuse for return or charge a restocking fee for damaged or incomplete returns. No returns or exchanges will be accepted without an RMA number.
Limitation of Liability
The customer agrees that GamerSection &/or Anvil Entertainment is not responsible for any damages related to the purchase of products, software, or services that may occur. The customer assumes the entire cost of any damage resulting from the use of products and/or interaction (or failure to interact properly) with any products, software, or services. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will GamerSection be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, hardware or software disruption, impairment or failure, repair costs, time value, or other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use or inability to use the products purchased, or the incompatibility of software with any hardware, software or usage, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages from a third party.
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2 x CF Card Reader & Writer
3 x Dreamcast VMU
2 x Playstation 2 Dual Analog Controller
2 x SD Card Reader & Writer (Purple)
1 x SNES Pro Cart (SD2SNES) North American Shell
6 x Super RetroTRIO Console White/Blue
2 x PS2 Laser Repair SF-HD7
4 x RF Unit For NES/SNES/Genesis
1 x GBA Car Adaptor
3 x SNES to GC/WII/SNES Controller
6 x AC Adaptor For NES/SNES/Genesis
3 x Super Joybox 5 Pro (4 Gamepads)
2 x Gameboy Cart (GB EverDrive) with 4GB
3 x Gameboy Cart (Everdrive)
3 x Sandisk Mini-SD 2.0GB
3 x Super SmartJoy (SNES to USB)
2 x SNES Black Control Pad (SFC)
1 x SNES Cart (Everdrive) with Shell
1 x Gameboy Micro Crystal Gear Blue For GBM
1 x SNES Control Pad (SFC)
2 x Optical Audio Cable
4 x EverDrive GBA X5
4 x GB Micro Multivolt AC Adapter
3 x Flash Memory Card Reader/Writer Black
1 x GBA SP Car Adatper
2 x Acekard 2i DSi
2 x Universal PS2 Controller Adapter
1 x Playstation SmartJoy Plus/Pro
2 x Venom-X FPS v2 & CronusMax Adaptors
2 x Wii Sharp Shooter Gun
2 x GameCube Joy Box
2 x NSMB Super Mario With Sound
1 x AC/USB Power Adapter
2 x Ranger GPS for NDS/DSLite
3 x Nintendo DSi Protective Seal
4 x Wiimote Controller Stick Adaptor
2 x Wiimote Gamepad Grip Adaptor
2 x Bundle of GameCube Joy Box
3 x NinjaPass X9TF with Rumble Pack
1 x XCM Multifunction Car Charger Adapter
2 x TV Video Converter(NTSC->PAL)
2 x Wii AV Cable
1 x Universal Game Case
1 x Gamecube/Wii Controller Extension Cable
2 x SD Card Reader & Writer
1 x Super Mario Bros Bowser Koopa
1 x MS Duo Adaptor For MicroSD/SDHC
3 x Car USB Charger Adaptor (With PSP Plugs)
1 x Wii/Wii U Sensor Bar Extension
2 x Dummy Card Black
4 x NES 72 Pin Cartridge Slot Replacement
4 x MicroSD To MiniSD Adaptor
1 x SNES Pro Cart (SD2SNES) Deluxe Pack
2 x Sandisk Mini-SD 1.0GB
2 x Wii Component Cable
1 x PSP Logitech® PlayGear Mod
1 x NES Repair Game Bit 4.5mm
2 x Two NinjaPass X9TF Rumble with 2GB
1 x Legend Of Zelda Link Plush
3 x Mii Manager For Wii
2 x NES to SNES Cartridge Adapter (Retro Bit)
5 x Super RetroTRIO Console Red/Black
3 x PS2 Laser Repair KHS-400B
2 x PS2 NTSC to PAL B Adaptor
2 x XBox Drive Replacement Adaptor LG-8164
1 x GBA SP Game Selector 3 Carts Simultaneously
3 x Venom-X v2 with USB Extension Cable
2 x Blu-ray Case
2 x SNES Pro Cart (SD2SNES) with Universal Shell
1 x Four NinjaPass X9TF with Rumble Pack
3 x Hori Privacy Screen Protector
1 x Tri-Wing Screwdriver
2 x PSP Slim and Lite Component Cable
1 x Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 PS2
1 x PSP Slim Stand & Charger
1 x NDS Key Chain Case (Black)
1 x NES 30th Anniversary Edition Bluetooth
2 x CronusMax Adaptor with Bluetooth Dongle
1 x WiFi LINK for PSP/NDSL
2 x Super Joybox 11 (4 Gamepads)
2 x CleanDr Advanced Screen Cleaner
2 x DS Lite Pink Kit
2 x DSi XL Official Hori Screen Protector
1 x MS/MS PRO Card Reader & Writer
5 x Bundle of 2 GC/Wii Extension Cables
2 x XBox/PS2 Power Cable
1 x Kynar Wire For Modding
1 x EdgeFX Controller & Mouse For PS2
2 x Dance Dance Revolution DDRMax 2 PS2
1 x Sony NiMH AA Battery 2 Hour Charger
3 x SD Card Reader & Writer (Clear)
2 x PSP TFT LCD Replacement Screen
1 x 360 Disc Protector
2 x DS Lite Guitar Controller
2 x Mario Party Plush Princess
2 x Wii Remote & Nunchuck Blue Silicon Protector
1 x NES Controller Extension Cord
1 x LCD TopGun Blaze Stand
1 x DS Lite Stylus Set
5 x Dingoo Carrying Pouch
3 x Venom-X FPS Controller v2
2 x Wii Car Lighter Power Adaptor
7 x Sandisk SD 2.0GB
2 x Caanoo Protective Case
1 x Red Ring Of Death 360 Kit Pro 2
3 x XBox Controller Extension Cable
1 x iTouch2 1.4 Cart DSi
2 x DS Lite Official Hori Screen Protector
2 x Nintendo DS / SP / GBA Car Ligher Adapter
2 x DDR Ultimate Bundle
2 x XBox 360 Controller Extension Cable
3 x Genesis Pro Cart (Mega Everdrive)
1 x GameBoy Advance Replacement Screen
2 x Nintendo DS & GBA SP Rapid Car Charger 3 In 1
2 x PS2 DVD Movie Playback Kit
1 x PSP Lithium Battery Pack
1 x Two iTouch DS Cart
1 x PSP Emergency Charger
3 x Caanoo WiFi Gender Adapter
3 x Bundle of Magic Path Playstation to GC
1 x iTouch DS Cart
2 x SNES to USB/SNES Controller
2 x PSP Large Battery With ClipHook
1 x Magic Path Playstation to GameCube
1 x Yoshi Touch Pen
2 x N64 Wireless Controller - Hypermode Grey
1 x Logic3 PS2 Controller Adapter For PS3
1 x Super Mario Chess With Figures
4 x Display Donkey Kong Character
2 x XBox S-AV With Optical Output
1 x Two PS2 Wireless 2.4GHz Controllers
4 x Bundle of 2 PS2 Extension Cables
2 x Cleaning Kit For Screen & Carts
1 x Wii Remote & Nunchuck White Silicon Protector
1 x Play & Charge Kit (XBOX 360) White
4 x DS Lite Cover Shell Smoke Black
1 x NEO 2 TF Adaptor with Neo MK4-Key
1 x NES Retro Receiver
1 x Airform Pocket (Silver)
1 x Quick Charger For DSi and DS Lite
1 x PSP Slim TFT LCD Replacement Screen
1 x Super Mario Checkers/Tic Tac Toe Combo
2 x GP2X Wiz Case and Accessory Set
2 x Original Donkey Kong Figurine (c) Nintendo
1 x DS Lite Bottom Screen Replacement
3 x NDS Lite USB Recharge Cable
1 x XBox DVD Movie Playback Kit
2 x CronusMax Adaptor
1 x Dance Dance Revolution Supernova PS2
1 x Two iTouch Cart & DSL Guitar with 4GB
4 x NSMB Mario With Sound
3 x Caanoo Screen Protector
3 x Clear Targets For FPS Gaming
1 x SD Card Reader & Writer (Red)
2 x DSi Bottom Screen Replacement
2 x Super Mario 64 Mushroom Plush
3 x GameBoy SP Mini Recharge Station
2 x SNES Red Control Pad (SFC)
2 x PS2 Laser Repair KHS-400R
2 x Knuckles Plush - Sonic The Hedgehog
1 x M3 DS Real with DSLite Guitar Controller
2 x Nintendo DSi XL Protective Seal
2 x Nintendo DS Carrying Case For NDS
3 x N64 Wireless Controller - Hypermode Blue
1 x R4I Revolution SDHC with 4GB
1 x MP3 Player 1GB with MiniSD Slot
2 x Plush Yoshi Yellow
1 x PS2 Controller Extension Cable
1 x NDS Deluxe Charger Stand
2 x Wii Cooling System
3 x DSTTi Cart DSi
1 x GP2X Wiz Screen Protector
2 x SmartJoy FRAG XBox (Kbd & Mouse Adapter)
2 x Wii Remote & Nunchuck Sun Yellow Protector
1 x USB 5 in 1 Charger
1 x ButtKicker Gamer2
1 x M3 Real GBA Expansion Cart
2 x DSi Touch Screen Replacement
1 x XBox 360 Wireless Headset
1 x Rock Guitar Advance For PS2
1 x Play & Charge Kit (XBOX 360) Black
1 x XBox 360 Unlock Kit
1 x GBA SP Replacement Screen
1 x Mario Kart DS Racing Collection Bowser
1 x Two Wii Sharp Shooter Gun
3 x Retro Duo Silver Console
3 x XBox Maxshooter FRAG (Kbd & Mouse)
2 x PSTwo Car Lighter Adaptor
1 x M3 DS Real Perfect Bundle
3 x Street Fighter Monopoly Collector's Edition
2 x DS Screwdriver Kit
1 x Mario Kart DS Racing Collection Donkey Kong
1 x Dummy Card White
2 x Nintendo DS Protective Seal
1 x NDS Lite Docking Pouch (White)
1 x DS Lite Multivolt AC Adapter
2 x Wii Console Replace Screw Covers & Feet
2 x DDR Max 2 & Extreme 2 Bundle PS2
1 x Two GP2X Wiz Screen Protector
1 x NES and SNES (Everdrives) Bundle
1 x Dreamcast Controller Extension Cable
1 x Plush Yoshi Red
2 x Wii Remote & Nunchuck Sky Blue Protector
1 x DSi Multivolt AC Adapter
1 x SMB Mini-Mushroom Plush
1 x Speakercom For XBox Live
2 x ButtKicker LFE Kit
3 x Bundle of 4 Magic Path Playstation to GC
2 x Airform Pocket (Blue)
1 x Wii Replacement Laser
2 x XFPS PS3 Rate Up - PS2 & Keyboard Mouse Playstation 3
1 x NES Cart (Everdrive) with Shell
1 x Flexible PSP Car Stand
1 x Sonic Plush - Sonic The Hedgehog
1 x XBox 360 Laser Repair SF-HD63
1 x Xbox 360 Hori Fighting Arcade Stick EX 2
1 x DS Lite Touch Screen Replacement
1 x M3 DS Real Perfect with 4GB
1 x Genesis Cart Basic (MegaED X3)
1 x Rock Guitar NDS/DS Lite
2 x Two Xbox 360 Hori Fighting Arcade Stick EX 2
3 x Beanie Baby Mario Character
3 x N64 Wireless Controller - Hypermode Red
1 x NDS Ewin 2 Mini-SD
1 x Sony 15 Minute NiMH Battery Recharger
1 x Nintendo DS Lite Leather Navy For NDSL
1 x GP2X Wiz Gold Metal Sticker Checkered
1 x Headset Adaptor For XBox 360
3 x Mario Brothers Soft Vinyl Blue Mushroom
2 x Gameboy Micro Crystal Gear Pink For GBM
1 x Dance Dance Revolution Disney Edition PS2
1 x Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party
1 x DS Lite Stero FM Radio Converter
2 x NDS Stereo Earphone
1 x GP2X Wrist-Strap
1 x Sony Official Hori Screen Protector
1 x DS Lite Red/Black Replacement Case
1 x GP2X Wiz Genuine Leather Case
1 x 3 in 1 PC Joy Box
2 x Donkey Kong Jenga
1 x N64 Controller Extension Cord
2 x SNES Controller Extension Cord
1 x Two iTouch Cart with 4GB
1 x N64 Cart (Everdrive v2.5) with Shell
1 x Five iTouch DS Cart
2 x DSi XL Crystal Case
1 x Plush Yoshi Pink
1 x PS2 Laser Repair KHS-400C
1 x Sega Genesis 6 Button Controller
1 x GP2X Wiz Gold Metal Sticker Flower
2 x Two NinjaPass X9TF with Rumble Pack
1 x N64 Cart (Everdrive) Deluxe Pack
1 x Nintendo DS Lite Protective Seal
1 x Genesis Controller Extension Cable
1 x NinjaPass X9TF Rumble with 2GB
1 x iTouch2 1.4 DSi with 4GB
1 x Nintendo DS Replacement Battery Pack
1 x M3 Perfect Lite Extra Navy Shell
1 x Wii Remote & Nunchuck Cherry Pink Protector
1 x Blu-Ray/DVD IR Remote PS3 Blue Wave
1 x S-Video to Composite(Yellow RCA Plug) Adapter
1 x GP2X Wiz Silver Metal Sticker Flower
1 x NDS & GBA SP USB Recharge Cable
1 x Final Fantasy XI Mini Mandoragora Plush Figure
1 x Wii Remote Yellow Replacement Case
1 x Milky White DS Lite Protector
1 x Gamecube/SNES/N64 A/V Cable
1 x PS2 To PS3 Controller Adaptor
1 x XCM 1080P Component VGA Box
1 x Sky 3DS (Blue Edition)
1 x Final Fantasy XI Mini Sabertooth Plush Figure
1 x Mario Hat DS Lite Pouch
1 x Final Fantasy XI Mini Sabotender Plush Figure
1 x X Joy Box
1 x Transfer Kit For XBox 360
1 x Bomberman Bomb With Sound Plush Red
1 x NES/MP3 Gamer
1 x Sega Genesis 2 AV Cable
1 x DSi Top Screen Replacement
1 x Turbo TurboGrafx 16 (Everdrive)
1 x NDS & GBA SP Multivolt AC Adapter
1 x Mario Brothers Stylus Set
1 x Mario Kart DS Racing Collection Luigi
1 x NDS Lite Clear Hard Case
2 x PSP Car Charger
1 x Hori Finger Stylus White
1 x 360 Vertical Cooling Stand
1 x DSi Metallic Retractable Stylus Set
1 x MicroSD/HC Card Reader/Writer
1 x Neo MK4-Mini
1 x NDS Lite Replacement 2-Stylus Pack (Black)
1 x SuperCard DS Two
1 x Genesis Cart Plus (MegaED X5)
1 x Playsation 3 Wireless 2.4GHz Controller PS2 & PC
1 x iTouch2 1.4 DSi with 8GB
1 x Wireless Rock Guitar For PS2